Friday, October 11, 2013

The scale

That’s it! I am breaking up with my scale, at least for now! Next week when I go see my trainer, I am handing her my scale and WILL NOT bring it back into my house again until I am done with the LiveFit program. I bet you’re wondering why… well, let me tell ya!

I wrote the other day about sabotage. How when I get to 168.2, I freak out and sabotage myself… remember?! I have been going back and forth from 168 – 170 for weeks now and I am sick and tired of it. I know for a fact that I am losing inches, heck my size 11/12 jeans aren’t staying up today! I need either to retire these OR buy a belt! Another way I know I have lost inches the past couple weeks is because I own a purple silk shirt (the one I am wearing today in case you see me) and when I bought it back in August, the shirt would not button over my chest area. I had to wear a tank underneath or wear a non-padded bra (yep, cats out of the bag I have no boobs and wear a padded bra… Haha). Well this morning, I put that shirt on (with my lovely padded bra from VS) and it buttoned and is actually loose in the mid-section! BUT… the scale said 170! How gay is that?!

Here I am celebrating a non-scale victory and then the scale jumps in and says “WAIT, don’t celebrate just yet!”… No, you know what, I will not wait… I will celebrate! I am through with being abused by the scale! I am through living for what that number is going to say! I am through with being in bondage to that little blinking number! I am through with it all!!!

As of today, my relationship with the scale is O-V-E-R! Goodbye you mean piece of crap that has made me feel less important. Goodbye and good ridden to ya!!!

I mean heck, you people wouldn’t know what I weighed if I didn’t tell you… so why should it matter that much to me? As long as I am healthy, feel great and keep fitting into my size 8’s and 10’s, well then I am happy!

I will still weigh with my trainer but that is the only time!

I hope you all have a HAPPY & HEALTHY Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

Fit by Jordan

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