Monday, October 7, 2013

Phase 1 Results

It is October 7th… today I start Phase 2 of the LiveFit program ( and I am SO excited! But before I officially start, I want to share my success from Phase 1.

Let me give you a little background about Phase 1. I hit 168.2 on the scale and was wearing a size 10 about 2 weeks before I started the program… well, then I went to New York which was horrible for my clean eating plan. Then when I got home, I slipped into a huge funk (you can read about it in my blog). Between New York and the funk, I ended up getting back up to 182 and my 12’s were tight!!! I remember seeing that # on the scale and freaking out. That is when I decided to start this program, I needed something to focus on that would help start my motivation and determination back up.

With that being said… here are my results (everything except for measurements, I will have that on Thursday when I meet with my trainer)

Phase 1 (9/9 to 10/6)
Start Weight: 182.2
End Weight: 168.2
Total Loss: 14 pounds!!!
Start Pant Size: 12 (TIGHT)
End Pant Size: 8’s (and some 10’s)


*I can tell a LOT in my thighs, under my arms (armpit area), my biceps and my shoulders
*Look at my tummy, my shoulder is more defined, and my thigh isn’t as flabby looking
*The fat hanging over the top of my sports bra is going down, I can kind of see more definition in the middle of my back and my butt doesn’t hang as bad.
Now it’s time to start Phase 2 and add in some HIIT cardio!!! I am looking forward to sharing my Phase 2 success with you all after seeing my Phase 1 success!!!!


  1. Wow nice job! I've been thinking of doing the Jamie Eason program. I'm just nervous to start!

  2. Your progress is great! Are you also doing the meal plan?

    1. Tara, I am trying to stick to it as best as I can. I have had some bumps along the way but for the most part I am doing good on the meal plan. Back on track this week, last week was BAD!

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