Monday, November 4, 2013

End of Phase 2 - Progress Pictures!

Today is my 1st day on Phase 3 of the LiveFit program ( and I am SO excited to get this Phase going!

Phase 2 was a hard one for me; I ended up struggling more than I thought I would. It was hard for me to adjust to putting cardio back into my routine; I fell in love with only lifting. Then week 6, I struggled (read about it here a lot BUT I kept pressing forward and finished strong with week 7.

Are you ready to see my progress photos? Because I am ready to show you!!!

Phase 2 (10/7 to 11/3)
Start Weight: 168.2
End Weight: 168.8
Total Loss: 0.6 gain (oh well)
Start Pant Size: 8’s and some 10’s
End Pant Size: same as start

I can tell in the gap between my thighs, my rib cage (my sports bra isn’t even touching my stomach), my shoulders and my left side of my tummy near my belly button… oh and my facial expression!

I can really tell under my arm pits and in my shoulders… also my bicep is starting to pick up more.
I can tell in my back near my shoulders, they dimple more now, I am getting more of a booty (thank God) and my back (under my sports bra) is shrinking.

Again, I can tell in my top part of my back (the dimples) and my shoulders are becoming more defined.
Let’s take a minute and look at my stomach… wow! So happy about that difference! Also, I can tell in my shoulder, if you look closely you can see a line defining it more.
Okay, I am ready to tackle Phase 3 and make it my Phase! In exactly 1 month I am getting my wedding dress altered and in exactly 2 months from today I am taking my bridal photos… so there is no room for messing up like I did in Phase 2. I do have to say, even though my stats didn’t change very much (the scale and pants size) I can tell a huge difference in my body. My muscles are starting to be more defined and the fat around each muscle group is slowly vanishing!!! Time to give it hell…

I hope you all have HAPPY and HEALTHY week!!!


  1. Wow great job! Keep up the great work. I'm hoping to go hardcore with the Jamie Eason program next week!

    1. Thank you Steph! It is a GREAT program and you wont be sorry you started it. Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you need any help ok!!

  2. keep up the awesome work!! I am going to start this program on monday and you truly are an inspiration to me! Thank you. cant wait to keep following your journey

    1. Aww thanks Jessica. I cant wait for you to start the program, it has changed my life and I know it will change yours too. Keep me posted on how you do!!