Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A little bit of everything

I have been sick since last Thursday and I am ready to get over all this crud! Yesterday my throat stopped hurting and I am now left with my lovely cough (that sounds like I am dying). While being sick this past weekend, I missed 3 LiveFit workouts and didn’t eat on my meal plan once. Do I feel guilty? Umm not at all! My body needed the rest and I was too tired to get off the couch to prep food, so I let Casey take care of us and feed us. He doesn’t know how to cook so we ended up eating out all weekend long, but I am totally okay with that because I am just blessed to have a man who steps up and takes care of me (and my son) when I am sick.

I am back to work today, starting to feel like my old self again and back to packing my own food. I have my gym bag with me and I am ready to walk to the YMCA and get a workout in. I plan on taking it slow and easing myself back into it… I would hate to overdo it and then have to miss another workout because of it.

Life happens!

Speaking of life… I came back to work to find that the season is upon us where our break room is FILLED with ooey gooey goodness!!! Everywhere you turn there is something else to eat, someone offering you a nibble of something sweet, someone delivering you a gift of calories, it seems like it is never ending…

I have a dress fitting in less than a month, I am getting married in 3 months, I have bridal photos in 2 months, I finish my Jamie Eason LiveFit program in a couple weeks and have progress photos… I have to stay away from the break room!!! I just have to, there is no other solution!

Remember, you can’t control others around you (the food will come into the office no matter if you like it or not), you can only control yourself. Guess what, you have the ability to say HELL NO… or just No (lol). You have the power to walk away and not surround yourself around the food. You and you alone can change your life. Trust me, if I could change it for you I would!

Let me just tell you, it’s hard and it sucks but it is SO worth it. Yeah, don’t get me wrong… those pastry puffs in the kitchen are calling my name, okay they are SCREAMING my name right now BUT I rather reach my goal then stuff my face with extra calories I do not need.

Think long and hard, what do you want more in the long run? I know Pastry Puffs isn’t my answer to that question…

I hope you all stay healthy and stay out of the break rooms!!!

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