Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Stomach

1st let me just tell you, I have been stuck in my house since Thursday night due to the horrible ice storm of 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas! I am going insane... I have not had any human interaction since my fiancé left for work Thursday night (my son went to his Dad's house Thursday afternoon). Both of my boys were supposed to be home today but the roads are still looking horrible so I am having to go another day without them. Heaven help me!!!

Now, on to today's topic... my stomach! Before you scroll down to see the picture, I want to warn you... its not that pretty!!! This stomach has housed a child (a perfect, sweet, amazing child), has been stretched 130 pounds, lost it, gained 50 back and lost it again. It has been through a lot the past couple years!

I have a dream to one day get up on stage at a body building competition... figure or bikini, not 110% sure what I want to do just yet. Taking photos of my stomach is my way of documenting my progress and giving myself that push in the right direction that I so badly need to end up where my dream is.

When do I plan on doing the competition you might be asking... Well, its going to be a couple years from now! I wanted to write this blog so that you guys and gals can help hold me accountable and remind me of my dream when you see that I am struggling. If all goes as planned over the next couple years, I plan on being pregnant this time next year and having a baby in 2015! After I have a baby, I plan on having a tummy tuck (probably in 2016). Then, I will compete!

Yes, I am a planner... BUT.... I think when you are dreaming big like I am, you have to plan or your dream will be pushed to the side and forgotten, only for you to wake up on day and think of what could have been. I will not let that happen!!!

Okay I guess I have rambled enough.. here is my stomach aka my work in progress!!!

Now, think really hard about what your dream is! Think of how you will achieve it and who you will tell so that they can help hold you accountable! Think... THINK!!! Remember to dream big or go home...

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  1. Hi. I just have to say how amazingly awesome you are!! I have been following you on Facebook, and have just recently discovered your blog. I could never in a million years be brave enough to show my stomach and here you are totally owning it! Just wanted to say *high five girly* :)

    1. Aww thanks!!! High Five... And don't say never, because you just never know!!!