Thursday, December 12, 2013

Love your body!!!

Someone asked me what my ideal weight is for myself.

Well, that got me to thinking… sit back and relax, I am about to start rambling!!!

When I was bigger, I always said that if I got to 170 on the scale and fit into size 12 or lower, I would be perfectly happy.

Here I am now, 167 on the scale and wearing a size 8/10… and I want more!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy the way I am now, but I am not perfectlyhappy! I see flaws in my body and I can pin point every single detail about my body that I need to change. I am so “hungry” for more of a loss. I want to see the 150’s so bad and I want to be in size 6 jeans… is that realistic for me? Maybe. Maybe not.

As I was thinking about the initial question I started thinking what if I took myself out of the picture and instead think about what I would I tell someone else about hitting their ideal weight.

I would say that you know you have hit your ideal weight when the following happens:
1.      When you go shopping and don’t cry in the dressing room
2.      When you step on the scale and you aren’t scared of what the number will be
3.      When you don’t mind walking around naked in front of the one you love
4.      When you can have a cheat meal once (or twice) a week and still maintain your weight
5.      When working out isn’t a chore
6.      When you look at a picture and you are blown away by how good you look
7.      When someone you haven’t seen in forever compliments you and you believe it

I don’t think an ideal weight is something a chart can show you, it’s not a certain size of jeans, it’s not a number on the scale, it’s not something you see on TV or in a magazine… however an ideal weight is something that comes from inside of us. You can be 250 pounds or 150 pounds and if you can answer yes to most (or all) of those 7 things I listed above, then I fully think you have hit your ideal weight.

Does this mean I am giving up on my 150lbs/size 6 jeans dream?! No, not at all! I do want to lose more (around my stomach) and tone up more, however, I am going to stop and live for today and be happy that I am at my ideal weight. I have been so obsessive about the # on the scale and about the # on my tag in my jeans, and I am missing out on just being alive! After all, neither one of those #’s will be on my headstone when I die… if they are, I am coming back to haunt whoever put them there! Haha!

So my answer to the question I was asked… Yes, I am at my ideal weight. I love the size I am now. I feel super sexy. I love being able to buy clothes from any store. I love how I look in pictures. I love that the scale doesn’t scare me anymore. I love working out. I believe people when they give me a compliment, instead of telling them they are crazy and need to get their eyes checked. I love my body now!

Here is to loving our bodies and to never giving up on our ultimate dreams! But just remember to make your dream a big one because even if you never reach it, you will always be pushing yourself to your fullest potential…

Sorry, I rambled!!!

Have a healthy and happy Thursday!
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