Saturday, December 14, 2013

Contest - Check it out

I am trying to win a contest on Facebook and need your help!!! As you know I have lost 130 pounds and I am getting married in March... Well what a better way than to celebrate by having some sexy photos done for my future husband?! Shhh don't tell him, its his wedding gift!!! See my story below!!!

If you could be EVER so nice and help me out, I will enter you into a contest to win either a workout tank top OR a monogrammed sweat towel... I am picking 2 winners!!!

How do you enter the contest? Simple, go to and like their page... THEN you have to comment on her page, leave a review or private message her and say that Jordan Lassiter sent you!!!

If you private message her, make sure you send me a message saying you did so!! I find out Monday December 16th if I won or not.... so hurry go help me out!!!

My story why I want to win:
I have been a single mom for the past 4 years to a little boy. After he was born, I decided to start a journey to lose some weight. I ended up losing 130 pounds in 15 months!!! Shortly after hitting my goal, I injured myself and had to have a reconstructive knee surgery (it was either that or a knee replacement and I was only 26 at the time). I had to be on bed rest for a couple months and then had to learn how to walk again. During that time, I slipped into a great depression and ended up gaining 50 pounds back. Right before my knee surgery, I met a great guy who stuck by my side through all of my bed rest, rehab, and my depression. Fast forward a year and a half, we are now engaged and I have dug deep to find my motivation and have lost the 50 pounds I gained back!!! I am in the best shape of my life and the happiest I have ever been thanks to my son and my fiancĂ©! We are getting married March 1st and I want to be Queen of the Day because this will be a great way to reward myself for all my hard work, dedication, and obstacle I overcome. Also, it would be a GREAT wedding present to my future hubby....and he deserves it for standing by me through my darkest moment and for helping pull me out of my depression!  Thanks
Fit by Jordan

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