Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dont come between a girl & her diet cokes

I swear if one more person tells me how bad diet coke is for me, I will scream!!!

Seriously, this lady approached me and said “you know if you stop drinking diet coke you will live longer AND you could lose some weight because diet drinks make it hard for people to lose weight.”

I looked at her and was ready to just blow up on her. Instead I said “Thank you” and went on with my day… here is what I really wanted to say…

LISTEN UP LADY… I have lost 130 pounds and I have drank a diet coke almost every single day! Sure, I have some weight to still lose and I want to tone up a lot (oh and I need a skin removal surgery so I can go down a size in pants) BUT I still have lost 130 pounds… ALSO, you are NOT Jesus! You do NOT know how long I will live! I could give up diet cokes and go on to live 2 more days or I could drink them and live 80 more years… you just never know! ANOTHER THING, diet cokes are my one vice… I gave up cake, I gave up chocolates, I gave up fast foods, I gave up a lot but I draw the line at giving up my diet cokes. This is the ONLY life I have and I plan on enjoying it while I am here and for me, drinking a diet coke is enjoying it. Some go out and live it up on the town, some eat a bowl of ice cream a day (shout out to my little brother at work) and some live on fast food… we all have our one thing! Which brings me to my last point… Are you perfect? Do you eat 110% clean EVERY single day? Do you only drink water with every meal and between meals? Do you always say NO to dessert or alcohol? If you answered NO to any of those questions, then you have NO Place to tell me how bad diet coke is for me.

Okay I am getting off my soap box but I before I do, I want to remind you… when you point a finger at someone, remember three fingers are pointing back at you! Live your life the way that makes you happy and stop going around trying to “fix” everyone else’s life’s when they haven’t asked for your opinion.

I hope you all have a HAPPY and HEALTHY Thursday!
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