Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fitness is NOT all about working out & eating clean...

Wait... WHAT DID SHE TITLE THIS BLOG?! Seriously, she cant be serious....

Welp, I am dead serious!!! Fitness has more then 2 parts, it is more than just working out and eating a balance diet... it is also VERY mental. I have learned this the H-A-R-D way!!!

A friend of mine is down sick (hope you get better soon Suzy Q) and is very worried about gaining weight. She can't work out and she has no urge to get up and cook so she is eating whatever is easiest. We have all been there before, being a mom, being a wife AND being sick is hard (no its not an excuse but it is still hard and sometimes you just want the easy way out, its life). She turned to me for advice on what to do... she was at a breaking point!!! Here is the advice I gave here...

"The sickness wont last forever... right? So have Tommy (her hubby) pick you up a poster board, get some magazines and create a motivation poster for this year. If you cant workout your body, then workout your mind. Fitness is more than physical, it is also a mental game. Remember when 1 part cant work (you cant workout right now) focus on the other part."

Guess who will be making a motivation poster soon... SUZY Q!!! I am going to talk her into letting me share it with you!!

Remember earlier I said that I learned this lesson the hard way? I still look in the mirror and see the old me (290 pounds) starring back sometimes. It is a very hard thing to overcome and it wont happen overnight, just like my weight didn't fall off overnight. When I lost my weight running a couple years ago, I never really paid attention to the mental side of weight loss... then I fell into depression and it took me out of the game for awhile. I am now starting to understand the mental side and I am making a huge comeback!!

Make sure you dig deep and realize that fitness is more than working out and eating... You will go far in your journey if you keep this in mind!!

Welp, (yeah I love saying welp... kinda reminds me of my Papa for some reason) that is all I have for you tonight! I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL 2014 so far...

Fit by Jordan

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