Friday, January 24, 2014

My 4 successes

Yesterday at work we had Down Home, which is where my company provides a catered lunch for everyone. Well, the menu yesterday came straight from one of my favorite Mexican restaurants… mouthwatering! The easy way to avoid it, is to just not go down to where they serve the food (which is what I usually do). However, I know how much Caleb enjoys when I bring home a special dinner for him so I went down and packed a to go container to take home to him.

The meal included the following:
2 Cheese Enchiladas
1 Brisket Taco with feta cheese (my favorite)

Okay, now that my mouth is watering… I will tell you what happened next!!!

That praline called my name all afternoon long (yall, I love pralines) but I didn’t eat 1 bite. Then it called my name again when I gave it to Caleb in the car for his afternoon snack. He ate half of it and then handed it to me because he was done… This is where I would say that I devoured that sucker! Well, I didn’t!!! I pulled out a Ziploc baggie I had in the car and stuck it in there and put it away! Success #1!!!

Success #2 came when we got home and I dished him out the food. I couldn’t leave it in the to go box because I needed to microwave it, so I had to pull it all out and put it on a plate and cut it up for him. I didn’t eat one single bite!!!

Success #3 was after he was done with his food (he ate about half of what I gave him and didn’t even touch the brisket taco, come on kid) instead of me sitting down to finish his leftovers, I took out some foil and wrapped it all up for Casey to eat for lunch.

Success #4 happened this morning when I noticed the food and heard it call my name, heck I aint against eating Mexican food for breakfast.. I am a true fatty at heart! But, instead I mixed up my protein shake and wrote out this little letter…. (And yes, Casey calls me his Little Duck!)
You have to understand, even though this might sound silly to some of you… this is a HUGE deal for me! I am on a mission to fit into those dang jeans in a couple weeks. Having them hanging up in my kitchen really helped with #2, 3 and 4 for sure and it made me happy that I decided to hang them up. The weekends are the hardest for me, however I know this weekend will be a little bit easier with all I have going on.

Caleb isn’t going to be home, I am starting back with bountiful baskets, I am co-hosting a workout with Brittany Eats Clean and Clinton from My Weight Loss Transformation (check them both out on Facebook), we will be working on building stuff for the wedding, and then I have volleyball on Sunday. My method for the weekend is going to be to stay as busy as possible and keep moving and drinking my water!!!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend and I hope to see you at the workout tomorrow morning (details below)!

Saturday January 25th at 11 am
Champions Park
455 Cowboys Parkway, Irving Texas
11:00 – Arrive
11:10 Warm-Up with some light jogging
11:15 – Stretch
11:20 – Start circuit training workouts
12:00 – Lunch (BYOL – bring your own lunch)
12:15 – Introduction of Clinton, Jordan & Brittany
12:30 – Q&A
Weather will be in the 60’s dress accordingly. Please bring water, lunch, yoga mat or towel, medium weight dumbbell/kettlebell (if you don’t have one its okay, you can use your body weight) and a pen and paper if you wanna take notes!!
Guys and girls are welcome!!


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