Thursday, January 30, 2014

1/3 of the way there!!!!

Today is day 10 of my mission to get into my jeans and I have to say, it is going just like a roller coaster! One day I am perfectly fine and doing wonderful, the next day all I want to do is eat horrible and pig out (oink oink) don’t worry, I haven’t but the feeling of wanting to is still there!!!

I just hung up with my coach from Healthy Roads (my weekly motivational/accountability coach through my job) and I am feeling great! He has a way of pumping me up and reminding me that there is an energy about me that is driving me to reach my goals. He said a few things that I want to share with you guys now…
1.       We all have KAS (I was like, umm, what is KAS?) Knowledge, Answers and Skills to achieve our goals!
2.       To remind myself what is my value
3.       To re-evaluate my priorities and makes sure they are in perfect order to achieve my goals
4.       To say something positive to myself everyday
My goal I set with him for the next week is to make sure I work out on the weekends. I am great about working out during the week, then the weekends happen and I slack and get busy… not this weekend! This weekend I will be attending my trainers Saturday morning boot camp class and taking dance lessons with Casey in the afternoon.

How are you going to get active this weekend? I would love to hear from you and have some new fresh/fun ideas to try out!!!

Okay, 10 days down and 26/27 more to go (Jamie hasn’t booked her flight yet so I am not 110% sure what day I will be wearing my jeans to the airport to pick her up… BOOK YOUR FLIGHT JAMIE!!!... but it will either be Tuesday February 25th or Wednesday February 26th)

Oh and stay tuned because I am going to try on my jeans again this weekend… it really pumped me up last weekend to see how much more they were fitting me so I am going to continue to put them on each weekend until she lands in Texas! Plus maybe this will stretch them out some, Hahahaha!

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY Thursday my fit friends!!!


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