Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mission Possible

As many of you know, from following me on Facebook, I am on a mission to fit into a pair of jeans. I bought these jeans a few years back when I lost all my weight the 1st time but I never actually wore them before gaining the weight back (heck they still have all the tags on them). Well now I am back down to my previous size again and so I pulled those suckers out. There is only 1 problem, they do NOT fit. All my other jeans are 8’s and 10’s (I still wear some 12’s just depends on if I am bloated from my monthly visit from Aunt Flow or if I have eaten to many carbs) so I am not sure why these won’t fit!!! They are a size 9-11 low rise from the juniors department, maybe that is why? Who knows… all I know is I will wear these and they will fit when I pick up one of my best friends from the airport in a couple weeks (Jamie from RX 2 Fitness!!!

Here is how I plan on getting my booty into those jeans…
1.       I started 2 days ago, today is day 3, and for the next 37 days I will NOT cheat myself in any aspect of my life (except for the night of February 8th, that is my bachelorette party)
2.       I will be eating 100% clean and not going out to eat
3.       I will make sure I drink at least ½ my body weight in ounces of water a day BEFORE I have my diet coke
4.       I will limit myself to 1 diet coke a day (either a can coke from work or a large from Sonic)
5.       I will only take 1 rest day from the gym a week, Sundays. (Which won’t be a rest day really since I play volleyball)
6.       When I go to the gym, I will give 100% no matter how I feel… a mixture of weights and cardio
7.       I will keep my jeans hung up in my kitchen until they fit, then I will wear those suckers around EVERY where
8.       I have asked my close friends and family members to help support me and not to tempt me
9.       I have also signed up for a program called Healthy Roads where I have a coach call me once a week for 30 minutes to just check in on how I am doing!
·         I just had my 1st meeting with him and let me just tell you, I feel PUMPED up right now! I had to tell him my story and to hear his reaction and to remind me that I am an inspiration, it was a great feeling. I look at my story and think, well anyone can do this, I am just a normal person… and I forget the struggles I faced getting to where I am today. Having him  ask  me my struggles and making me say them out loud was a very eye opening experience. If you are needing a pick me up in your weight loss journey, stop and write down all the obstacles you had to face to be where you are now… trust me it will help pull you out of the rut and put you back on track!!! This girl is on FIRE!!!

I know that life will happen and I know I will be tempted the next 37 days, however I am going to prove to you and to myself that I am able to overcome those obstacles!  I am going to try and keep up with my blogging every couple days to let you know how I am doing and to help keep myself accountable… Here goes nothing!!!


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