Monday, January 27, 2014

1 Weekend Down... 4 More To Go!

1 weekend down and 4 more weekends to go… I am very proud of myself for staying on track this weekend (besides my little slip ups on Friday). I have to say, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I think mostly because Casey jumped on board and is now doing this with me on top of supporting me. He has even hung up a goal shirt in our kitchen as his reminder to stay on track!!! Gosh, I love that man!

Saturday was wonderful! The workout with Brittany and Clinton was a great time and I got to meet some wonderful fit friends… we even had 2 girls travel up from San Antonio!!! After the workout, Casey and I fell in love with juicing. We were juicing everything we could and there was no stopping us… until we ran out of things to juice. Haha! I will blog more about juicing and what Casey and I have decided to do in the next couple days.

Saturday night was where I thought it was all going to go south. I took a shower and started getting ready to go hang out with some friends (1st a birthday party and then to a sports bar) and suddenly got this HUGE sweet tooth!!! I went into the kitchen looking for something, anything, to eat and then I noticed my pants hanging there. I stopped my search and instead tried on my pants. Boy am I glad I did because being able to have those sucker zip up and button was MUCH better than anything sweet I would have eaten. Not only did it curve my sweet tooth, it also helped me stay on track the rest of the night. I was able to say  no to cookies and cake at the birthday party. I ordered a side salad with grilled chicken, no cheese and no dressing, and I drank water and diet cokes at the sports bar. I went home feeling great with NO regrets!!!

Sunday we ended up sleeping in, cleaning the house, playing volleyball and then just spending time playing with Caleb. We didn’t go anywhere that we were around food that would tempt us, so Sunday was a very easy day for me!!!

I did finally talk Casey into getting on the water bandwagon and he is now carrying around a bubba keg and making sure he drinks that sucker twice a day!!! Do you know how much water you should be drinking? If not, take your weight, divide it by 2 and then drink that many ounces!!! If you weigh 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces (or more) a day. It’s a lot, but you can do it!!! My secret is that I keep a 30 ounce class on my desk and then give myself 2 hours to finish it. Every time I get  up to go pee, I walk to the kitchen and down an 8 ounce glass of water on top of that. It has me in the bathroom all day long but hey its working!!!

Well, time to take on this week! I have dinner tonight at a fancy seafood restaurant (yuck) and dinner tomorrow night at a Mexican restaurant. I am going in prepared!!! I have looked at the menus for both places and know exactly what I will be ordering. I will stay on track and I will get those jeans to look UH-MAZING on me!!!

I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy weekend!!!


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