Monday, December 9, 2013

Messican Food

Last night my big sister text me and asked if I wanted to go to dinner with them. Now, I would usually have said no and stuck to my clean eating... however... I was iced in since Thursday! It was starting to melt (even though it re-froze last night) and James (my brother in law) is one of the few people I trust out in the ice, so I said yes!!!

We are a messican (Mexican) eating family! 9 times out of 10, when we go out to eat or have each other over, we are making messican food! No, we are not Mexican, we are just Texans who love Tex-Mex. So it was no surprise that last night we went to one of our favorite messican restaurants... Casa Ritas!

Yes, I broke my plateau and I have a track record of gaining after breaking a plateau so I knew going out to eat wasn't going to help... but it would help my sanity (and it did). I wanted to use this blog as a confession to all I ate. Kind of a way to keep me on track!

I started with some chips, only a few dipped in a couple of dips (beans, queso and guac.) and then I had a warm tortilla. I did have a couple glasses of sweet tea, because that is my favorite way to wash down some messican food!!! Hello, I am Texan!!! My oldest niece and I shared some fajitas (I had beef and she had the chicken). Since I had the tortilla earlier, I decided to only have 1 tortilla with my dinner. I was full when we left but very satisfied!

Oh hold the bus, after dinner we went to CVS and picked up a few things... well, I picked up a travel size of double stuffed Oreos (8 of them to be exact). I ate the whole package with a glass of milk when I got home. It was AMAZING!!!  

I am back on track today and woke up with NO guilt about last night. I haven't felt this way after a cheat in a long time.

Yes, I cheated...
No, I am not giving up...
Here is to NOT beating yourself up after an unplanned cheat!!!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy Monday!!
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