Thursday, September 13, 2012

Momma Called the doctor and the doctor said...

So, the doctors verdict is in... My knee is perfectly fine for being only 5 months out of surgery (for the surgery I had). Happy to hear that but not very happy to hear him say I am pushing it to hard (HA)! He said to stay off the treadmill until my 1 year mark but that I can use the elliptical. He re-informed me that I am NOT allowed to squat, lunge, jump, or run. Yay me!

This being said, I really really REALLY REALLY need to get my meal plan in tact. I know what to do, I know what to eat, I know how to eat, I know when to eat, and I am a planner... so why is this so hard to stay on track and keep it up? Why am I struggling with this so much? I blame it on Casey. Haha just kidding... but seriously, it was SO much easier to lose the weight when I was single. Now I go out to eat a lot more (which after the cruise will stop), and Casey can eat a whole pizza and lose 10 pounds so its hard for me to be around that food and not eat it.

The battle continues! One day I swear I will get the hang of it... wonder if hypnosis would work? Haha.. really though...

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