Monday, November 10, 2014

Finding out the Gender

I have spoken to a lot of women who do not want to find out the gender of their baby. To me, this is crazy! I understand why they do it, but I am a planner and need to... well, plan!!!

I have things to monogram, a nursery to finish, clothes to buy, and dreams to dream!! I am VERY excited about finding out the gender of our baby.

Which brings me to this blog entry... We were told that I am high risk and with being high risk, we are able to take a test called Harmony that will tell us everything about our baby's DNA, including the gender... at 10 weeks!!!

10 weeks!? I did not find out the gender with Caleb until 18 weeks! 10 weeks is even better!!! Of course we said "SIGN US UP!"

We have the test scheduled for December 3rd and it takes around 10 business days for all the results to come back... so by December 17th, we should know the gender!!! Casey and I plan on picking up the envelope together so that neither of us know before the other. Then we are going to have a small dinner to reveal the gender to everyone in our family.

Pink or Blue... Boy or Girl... Sister or Brother... Son or Daughter... Cora Mae or Dax Marshall!!!

Which one do we want?

To be VERY honest, I do not care! I am so over the moon that we are pregnant again and that in 7 months we will have our rainbow baby in our arms. If I had to absolutely pick one or the other... I am torn because of what my boys both want.

Caleb wants a sister SO badly. I even mention a boy and he says "NO!!!"

Casey on the other hand, he wants a son. Someone to carry on his last name since he is the last of the Flowers.

We have talked and if it is a girl we will try once more for a boy but if it is a boy, we are done. I want to be done, I don't want to try again so in this area I would rather have a boy. However, I would LOVE to give Caleb a sister and have a daughter to be best friends with.

Honestly either way I am going to be over the moon!!! Cora or Dax, I am so ready to start planning out our life together. Momma LOVES you!!!



  1. The Harmony test is a very serious DNA test that is specific to chromosomal abnormalities that result in Trisomy 21, Trisomy 18 or Trisomy 13. We HAD to have it done because there was a problem with our child NOT because we wanted to find out the is not to be taken lightly. Please think of others who were/are actually high risk due to problems with their babies and not just because.

  2. Actually, I am high risk because we lost our baby due to an extra chromosome back in July. We are having the Harmony test done to make sure everything is ok but with this pregnancy I am trying to stay positive and see the silver lining in everything and it just happens that the silver lining in the harmony test is that we can find out the gender! Something we didn't know with our last baby!!

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