Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Home Strecth of the 1st Trimester

On black Friday I will be 10 weeks, finally hitting the double digits in my pregnancy. That is something I did not do my last pregnancy, so this is huge for us!!

Next Wednesday we have another sonogram and we will have our Harmony test. Now, I would like to talk more about this Harmony test. Someone "attacked" me for having this test when it is not needed and because I just want to know the gender... 1st off, this test is needed. I am high risk and having lost my baby this past summer, this test will be able to answer a lot of questions the doctor has, my husband has and I have. 2nd off, yes we will get to find out the gender with this test... but that is not the main reason for the test!!! Finding out the gender is a silver lining with the Harmony test. I have been on pins and needles the past couple weeks worried about my baby and about miscarriage and I think finding the silver lining in everything is really helping my fear of the unknown.

I am still not able to workout until after my 1st trimester is over and when I do reach the 2nd trimester, I will only be able to do light cardio. Hopefully by then I will have more energy to hit the gym, because right now all I want to hit is the bed!!

I have had a rough time with morning sickness and have even been in and out of the hospital. They finally gave me something that helps... ZOFRAN! Seriously, this pill has been a lifesaver but it has also been a pain in the butt...

Zofran says it may cause constipation. The word "may" is an understatement... it DOES cause constipation. TMI but I had to use an enema earlier this week. Oh the joys of being pregnant, and I love every single one of them!

Food wise, I still do not have much of an appetitie at all. It is very strange. With Caleb, I had severe morning sickness but I could eat anything and everything. With this one, food, water and even diet coke just sounds plan disgusting to me. I have to force myself to eat a cheese stick every couple hours. I also live off of mashed potatoes and vanilla wafers, seriously carbing it up! I am ready to be able to eat again... eating for 2, HA.. I am barley eating for 1!!

BUT... the 1st trimester is ALMOST over and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am ready for the 2nd trimester and to start feeling better. I will keep you posted after my next sonogram!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

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