Monday, October 31, 2016

Goal Crusher!

In September I made a goal that I wanted to get as close as possible to 189.8 by October 1st that I could. Well, I didn't make it by October 1st.

I decided that I would make the same goal again for October. This time I came up with a reward for hitting my goal. I figured it would help me stay on track...

And it helped!!!

What did I do differently?
*Worked out everyday except Sundays - mainly lifting with some cardio here and there
*Did some 2 a days when I had the extra time
*Really focused on going up in weights when lifting
*Changed my cheat meal from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. It helped me stay on track over the weekend.
*Focused on drinking all my water and less diet cokes (still having my DC though)
*Started the No Off Season Challenge by Fit Like Flint!

This morning, Halloween, I hit 189.8!!!!!

My reward - I am going indoor skydiving on Thursday!!!! The 2 times Casey has gone, I was pregnant. Once with Isabelle when I took him for Father's Day and then with Dax when I took him and my niece for her birthday. I am SUPER excited to get in that tunnel and FLY!!!

My next goal - to fit back into these size 10 slacks comfortably!

When I hit this goal, my reward is going to be to buy a new outfit from OllieMarie!!!



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