Sunday, June 8, 2014

8 Week Challenge FAQs

As you know, I am hosting a 8 week challenge on my Facebook page ( and I have decided to create this FAQ page to answer some of your questions...

1. When does the 8 week start?
The challenge is from June 9th to August 3rd

2. How do I join?
You will need to take before photos and before measurements. You do not have to message me or tell me you are participating, unless you want to. I suggest telling your friends and family so they can help hold you accountable. At the end of the 8 weeks, you will take after photos and after measurements and then email them to me by August 10th.

3. When do I send in my pictures and measurements?
After the 8 weeks is over and before August 10th via email

4. What kind of workout do I need to do?
Anything you want. I suggest looking into some of the trainers pages on or checking out Pinterest for some at home workouts.

5. What should I eat?
Most of the online trainers on come with menus, that is a great place to start. I also suggest looking into clean eating... basically eating fresh food, nothing processed. The less labels on your food, the better.

6. What measurements do I need to take?
Right Bicep
Right Thigh
Right Calf

7. How should I take my photos?
I suggest in a sports bra and shorts but if you are uncomfortable in just a sports bra, wear a form fitting shirt. Take the photos from the front, sides and back. Repeat the SAME photos in the same type of clothes at the end of the 8 weeks.

8. Do I need a newspaper for my before and after photos?
No... You can if you want, but you dont have to have one.

9. Does where I live matter?
Nope, you can live anywhere as long as I am able to ship you the prize if you win!

10. What is the prize?
A new gym bag full of workout goodies!!! You will also be featured on my fitness page on Facebook and have a whole blog dedicated to you.

11. When will the winner be annoucned?
All photos, measurements and stories will be due by August 10th. I will announce a winner on August 11th (my husband's birthday!!)

12. Wait, what do you mean by a story?
I want to know how you lost the weight, what you did for workouts and food. Just a simple story to say who you are, what obstacles you have overcome and what you have achieved. This is what will help motivate people and let them know they can do it too!!

13. I am still confused and have questions you didnt answer on this page... what do I do?
Simple, email me at or send me a private message on Facebook.

Hopefully that clears up some confusion!!! I am always here to help if you need anything...


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  1. Thanks for having this wonderful challenge! ;) I'm doing great so far, but I do get my crazy cravings for dr pepper and chocolate. :(