Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 7 - Taking It Easy

Seven weeks... I am patiently (okay maybe not patiently) waiting for week 13 to get here. Week 13 is a huge stepping stone because you are out of your 1st trimester and the chances for miscarriage are a lot lower.

Why am I bringing up miscarriages, well... Last week, Casey and I had to rush to the doctors office because I was bleeding (mostly light pink mucus when I wiped but this day there was a clot of dark red blood). It was so scary and I just knew I had lost the baby. They rushed me back to the sonogram room and I was able to see the baby and see the heartbeat. I broke down crying tears of joy! The doctor said that it was just some light bleeding from my cervix and everything should be good... BUT... I would have to take it easy the next couple weeks and refrain from lifting and overdoing it.

What does that mean for me... That means I have to learn how to ask for help with my craft projects, really it means I need to take a break from the projects. I am going to find stuff I can do while sitting on the couch. It also means that I need to stay clear of lifting weights at the gym and only do light cardio. He said yoga like exercises are fine... And it means I really need to focus on drinking my water intake every day!!!

I know blood isnt always a bad sign, but I am a worry wort and I am so scared that something will happen. I am going to listen to the doctor and take it easy the next couple weeks. That just means I need to have my eating in check even more now since I am taking it easy at the gym.

Did this ever happen to you in any of your pregnancys? I feel like women might be ashamed to talk about it, I know I was kind of hesitant to blog about it until I started reading other women's blogs and they helped calm me down.


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