Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Caleb Scott

Every summer Caleb goes to his Dad's house for the month of July. It is always very hard on me (and on him) and I miss him like crazy. This year instead of going for the whole month, he only went for 2 weeks... which is still a long  time! However, this year it was a perfect amount of time to allow me to get a handle on life with a baby and get rid of my crazy hormones that made me snap at every little thing Caleb did before he left. Absence makes the heart grow fonder for sure!! 

I just wanted to take a minute and blog about him and how much I just love this kid. He is so funny, smart, witty, sweet, loving, and the list could go on and on. I love being his momma!!

Now here we are, he is back at home and we are enjoying the last few days of summer. He starts school in 3 weeks... KINDER!!! He missed the cut off for school by 20 days last year so that means he will be one of the oldest kids in his class. I am so excited for him to start school and to hopefully be room mom (#KraftyKaren)!! I cant wait to walk him to school and pick him up in the afternoons. I cant wait to hear how his day goes and about all his new friends. I cant wait for school functions to start happening so we can attend with pride. The only thing I am not looking forward to...homework! 

A few of you have asked how he has been liking being a big brother... and I have to admit, Caleb has been adjusting to big brother life just perfectly. He loves Dax so much and is always there for him when he starts crying. Last night I was working on figuring out the Sit & Stand stroller and Dax was bawling (like a baby,,, haha) and I was getting more and more frustrated. That is when Caleb stepped up and started to play with Dax and try to get him to settle down. He is such a great big brother!! 

I guess I need to stopping blogging about him and start working on his Batman 6th birthday party like I told him I would do. He keeps coming in here asking "Have you found any cool Batman decorations on Amazon?" Oops!!! 

HE IS ABOUT TO BE 6!!!!!!!


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