Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Fitting Room

When I first started losing weight, I hated fitting rooms. Like, with a passion hated them! I would usually leave crying and head to get fast food... you know, because fast food fixes all your problems! Ha! 

After I lost weight, I started to loving fitting rooms. I would find clothes I loved and everything would usually fit. I felt like I could conquer the world... Sometimes I would even go shopping and not try it on because I just knew it would fit. Or I would buy stuff online... it was AWESOME!!!

Then I got pregnant. It was different this time around. They actually had maternity clothes that I liked. Funny how much fashion has changed in 6 years. I had plenty of maternity clothes and the only issue I ever had was that I was too tall... hello 5'10! 

Now here I am... postpartum trying to lose my weight (again, yuck) and about to go on a beach family vacation and I have NO shorts that fit me. Heck I even had to buy a new bathing suit. All of my maternity clothes fit too baggy and weird. All of my regular clothes are too small. I am living in maxi dresses, a few yoga pants and tanks. I really wanted 1 or 2 pair of shorts for the beach but I don't want to spend tons of money since I plan on being in my regular shorts next summer. Off to the store I went. 

The fitting rooms were the worst. I found stuff I thought looked like it would fit and it didn't. I wanted to cry. I had to go get a bigger size and it wasn't pretty. I finally found some shorts (1 pair) that I didn't absolutely HATE... so I decided to buy them and leave before I had a melt down. #IMissMyWaist

Even though the fitting room experience sucked yesterday, I realized something awesome. The old way of thinking, the thoughts of leaving and getting fast food, was gone. Instead, I was more determined to eat clean, stay on track with the 21 Day Fix and focus on losing weight. Changing the way you think is a huge part of weight loss and it was awesome to realize that my thoughts have changed even though I am back up in weight. It was a good feeling. 

So this morning, I pulled out my new shorts and laid them out in the room as a reminder of how strong I am (mentally) and to remind me that my next shopping trip and my next fitting room experience will be better because I am not giving up on myself to lose weight! 


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