Saturday, August 1, 2015

21 Day Fix - Round 1 (almost the end)

When I was pregnant I decided that after Dax turned 1 month, I would start getting back into shape. After having Caleb, I waited to start my journey until he was around 9 months old and this time I want to be back at my goal weight by 9 months. 

As many of you know, I started the 21 Day Fix Monday July 13, 2015 and my end date is tomorrow! I wanted to just blog about my experience and why I chose this program... check back Monday for my before and now pictures (I would say after, but I am not done yet)!

Why I chose the 21 Day Fix?

I am going back to work part time starting September 8th (it is coming way to quickly) and that is after taking 6 weeks of FLMA off at work... unpaid leave. In order to make ends meet financially, we had to cut back on a few things here and there. One of those things being our gym membership. Which in my eyes it is okay because the gym daycare doesn't even take babies until they are around 6 months old, so whats the point? The 21 Day Fix allows me to workout in the comfort of my own home. I have never been an at home workout type of girl before but I am slowly learning to love it. I take 30 minutes for myself in the middle of taking care of the house and caring for the boys. It even allows Caleb to join in and workout with me if he wants to. 

Another reason I chose this program is because of the eating plan it comes with. The book and containers are a life saver. I do not like counting calories one bit and the containers allow me to eat healthy and not worry about the counting or logging for that matter. I sit down with the book every weekend and make out a menu for the upcoming week. I do cook some stuff in bulk, but since I am currently a stay at home mom (at least for a couple more weeks) I make most of my stuff when needed. The only downside to the containers, I wish I had more than one set. I usually wash them when I wash bottles because I use them so often. 

The last reason I chose this program is because it had a deadline and it was a quick one at that. I plan on doing another few rounds of the Fix before moving on to something else. But for starting back out, I needed something that I knew I could accomplish... 21 days really isnt that long when you think about it. Three weeks and you are done! I promised myself not to cheat on my meal plan or my workouts for the 21 days and I am proud to say I stayed true to my promise... even when I have wanted to cheat! We plan on having ONE cheat meal tomorrow night to celebrate finishing the first round (and Caleb coming home from his Dad's) and the Monday I am starting another round and another 3 weeks of no cheating. 

I will admit this next round will be a bit more challenging for me because I am going on vacation to the beach and there will be more temptations. I plan on taking my DVDs and containers with me. The room will have a small kitchen and I will be able to stock up on healthy foods for most of my meals. The other meals we eat out for, I will try to chose the healthiest thing off the menu with a little treat here and there, since I am on vacation. Then my 30th birthday is right around the corner, actually the 20th day of the fix to be exact. I am sure August will be full of temptations and tons of food (and CAKE) so I am going to plan ahead and be prepared... 

If you haven't tried the 21 Day Fix yet, you should... It is a wonderful program for people who like the simplicity of meal planning and for those who do not have a gym membership. 

Remember to check back Monday for my before and now pictures... 
I am pretty proud!! 


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