Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Update

This past weekend seemed very uneventful to me but it was a nice relaxing weekend for sure. Casey had to work on Saturday (boo, but yay for our paychecks) so Dax and I just hung out at home (Caleb is at his Dads house until August 2nd). Sunday we hung out at home (again) because of a few reasons. 1. Casey worked all week long and just wanted to chill at the house. 2. We are trying to save money and not spend it on "crap" we do not need and 3. We are eating clean and only eating at home, so no need to go out to eat. 

Dax and I got bored on Saturday so we started to play with things in his room... one of them being the bumbo chair. The cover is from Etsy. He loved sitting up like a big boy and he is really learning how to hold his head up, he is getting strong for sure! He is 6 weeks old (yesterday), man how time goes by so quickly!!!

Sunday I decided to leave the house for the 1st time without taking Dax with me! I am getting a pedicure on Wednesday so I figured I needed to do a trial run. I just went to Sonic and was gone for about 20 minutes... but I didn't cry and that is a big deal. I have been dealing with really bad separation anxiety with Dax (never had it with Caleb). I mean it is so bad that I get jealous when other people hold him (besides Casey). I can tell it is getting better the past few weeks/day though. I guess it is a good thing I took an extra 6 weeks off so that I have more time to get over it... 

Another "fun" thing that happened this weekend was during our shopping trip at Wal-Mart for groceries... Dax (& Casey) decided it would be a great thing if we bought a Veggetti!!! I am so excited. If you want to check out my Fitness Facebook Page ( I posted a video of me using it last night! 

Last night after getting home we decided that we would take Dax out on a walk, his 1st walk in our neighborhood. Caleb will be attending the school down the street from us so we walked to the school to time it and see how long it will take when we start walking him to and from school. It wasn't that shabby... man I cant believe he is about to be in KINDER!!!

I also taught Casey how to make a quiche! I am trying to teach him how to cook, not sure how much he remembers from each cooking lesson though. It is fun to be in the kitchen with my husband!! Seriously he is the cutest sou chef! 

And then there was this... HAHAHA!!! 

I hope you have a happy Monday!! 


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