Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Back to Blogging - Fitness, Family & Fun

I am getting back to blogging on a regular basis this week. I am going to try and sit down at least twice a week and blog about Fitness, Family and fun! 

These past 5 weeks have been an adventure for us. We have been learning how to juggle life as a family of four. Learning how to rearrange our budget. Learning how to fit in fitness into the mix without having a gym membership. Lets just say, there has been a lot of learning going on. And I think I am finally getting the hang of it. 

Fitness - We have cancelled our gym memberships and I do not plan on going back to my trainers for a few months. I am taking 6 weeks of FMLA (unpaid leave) and then going back to work part time (starting September 8th) so we are having to rearrange our budget and its a learning process. For the the time being we are cutting out all the "fun" stuff... gym being one of the things that had to be cut. SO, I started the 21 Day Fix (which I previously owned before getting pregnant). 

I am currently on my 1st round on Day 10 and I am feeling great. I have more energy then I have had in a while. I am getting stronger (again) and I am focused on my clean eating again. The containers that come with the program are amazing. They help portion out your food and keep it very simple. I am eating more now then I was before starting the program. You have to eat to lose! I will post a menu of my food next week... 

I plan to keep re-doing this program for 3-4 rounds and then will probably start something else. We will cross that bridge when we get to it. I am praying that by October, we will have a better understanding on our budget and I will be able to get back to the gym or back with my trainer, if not both. 

My goals right now are to just stay focused on my meal plans. I have this dress I want to wear on my 30th birthday, which is exactly one month from now. It is hanging in my kitchen to remind me to eat good and stay on track. My overall goal is to be back down to my comfortable maintenance weight of 175 by the first of 2016. One step at a time though... right?!

Check back with me later this week as I update more on my family and fun!


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