Thursday, July 9, 2015

Guest Post - How to adjust to your Postpartum Body

How to adjust to your Postpartum Body

As a new mom with a 10 month old, it has taken me some time to adjust to my
postpartum body. Pregnancy is an amazing gift, and so worth it.
But I know for me, I really had to adjust to accepting my new body. It can be hard,
it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips that helped me to ACCEPT & LOVE this
newly earned body.

Focus on your beautiful new baby.
Yep that's right, stop nitpicking your self apart in the mirror
and enjoy those new baby snuggles. As every mom will
tell you, those newborn days go by SO FAST. And it is so
important to enjoy living in the moment with your new precious babe.

Give yourself some grace.
As a new mom, I had a C-section, and my body
looked almost unrecognizable in the 24 hours
after I had my daughter. I couldn’t really get over
how different my stomach looked and how I still
looked pregnant. That's okay, YOU JUST HAD A BABY.
Allow yourself some grace, don’t worry about jumping
back into getting your body back. You have plenty of time.

Stop the Negative self talk.
I could tell women all the time that they needed
to love their bodies and should be proud, but then
I would go bathing suit shopping and immediately start 
criticizing myself. After I first had my daughter, I said
I would NEVER wear a bikini again. I had so many stretch marks
on my stomach and felt that I could never wear a two piece
bathing suit in public. BUT GUESS WHAT, I have! I stopped
focusing on everything that I didn’t like and I started focusing on what
I did! I started focusing on the fact that I now have this beautiful baby
and I should be proud of the journey my body has taken, not ashamed of it.

Be thankful for your postpartum body.
It took my husband and I, over three years to get pregnant.
having those years of infertility struggles, made me appreciate my pregnancy.
It made me realize its a GIFT and a MIRACLE. Whenever I get to a point
when I feel that I am being judgmental of myself, I just think about
all those years when I would have GIVEN ANYTHING just to get pregnant.
Some women go decades struggling with infertility, I know the emotional
toll that takes. So be THANKFUL for the experience and enjoy the journey.

If you want to hear ME talk more about my Postpartum Body Image,
here’s My Story:

I hope that this helps all the new mommas out there!
Learn to love your body and the amazing life it has given to your
sweet little one. It is totally worth it :)
-Alesha Haley


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