Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Guest Post - Loving yourself at every point in your journey!

Hey Jordan followers, I hope this guest blog post finds you well!  Jordan is off enjoying her little blessing and adjusting to life as a wife and mom of 2!!!!  I volunteered to share with you during this time for several reasons. 

#1- I love following Jordan and how honest and fun her blog posts and Facebook posts ALWAYS are!!!!

#2- I, like Jordan, have experienced many ups and downs on this life journey and fitness/weight-loss journey and thought another woman sharing her story always blesses someone in the crowd.

And #3- What a way to honor Jordan and her goal of sharing her story, but to step up when she needs to be focused on family and keep her blog going……

My name is Kayla Trautmann and I am from Wisconsin (finally, finally SUMMER is here in our northern state!!!) where I live with my husband Nate and our yellow lab, or baby, Pfeiffer.

 It’s been the 3 of us for the last 6+ years and as you can see in the photo, we are active family. I personally not only Crossfit but love Yoga, have ran several ½ marathons, and just enjoy being on the go.  I love Coffee, I LOVE Target (and all things girly), and I thank Jesus Christ every day for being my personal savior and for the blessings in my life.  I could go on and on, but the story really starts in 2013 when my husband and I were dealing with a hard time in our marriage.  That is when we decided to start clean eating and Crossfit. Through this I have lost weight, gained confidence, and learned to love my body and myself again.  Also, it helped my husband and I really bond and reconnect. But mostly, this blog is to share with you how this journey is never over….even for those of us who have been at it for some time!
 (to read my full story stop over at my page Kayla’s Running, Lifting, and Eating cleaning or https://www.facebook.com/kaylasfitnessjourney ---Come follow me on this crazy journey called LIFE)

What I want to focus on today is how important it is to love yourself at every point in a journey.

We found out just a few months ago that we are expecting our first baby, aka Baby T, (how fitting to be a guest blog for Jordan right now!) and with this exciting news I had no idea the effect it would have on my emotionally when I think about my body, the changes I am going through, and the lifestyle we, in our house, live.

Did you know that I have actually had thoughts of resentment towards my husband because HE does not HAVE to go through these physical changes like I am?  Yes, that’s right.  My bras do not fit; I have 0 swim suit tops that are going to fit this summer.  I can barely button my old jeans or any of my cute summer outfits. I was morning sick for many weeks which caused me to miss workouts or have to scale them back quite a bit. I have ½ the energy I used to have.   Etc…….  It’s hard after losing weight to know you are going to gain it back and meanwhile, feel so sick.

Did you know that I have actually had thoughts of how this baby is going to “wreck” my body?  How I won’t be able to do the things I used to be able to do at Crossfit for some time. How my friends are going to be able to run faster, lift heavier, get to the gym more often, etc…….  I will never look the same; I will never have my flat stomach back, or wear the same size.

Did you know that people have actually said the following things to me?  “You know that once the baby comes you are going to have to stay home more and workout less”.  “Enjoy these last few months of your pre-baby body…it will never be the same” and “Wow, you are really showing all of a sudden”.

Did you know I was crying during my first trimester because I felt “guilt” for throwing up chicken/veggies and needing to eat quinoa noodles and brown rice instead of veggies and a protein?

AND mentally……. I was exhausted 9 weeks into pregnancy……. Already!

And then recently, I woke up one morning and realized that what I am always preaching to my page followers on Facebook (and hopefully a blog to finally come once I am home on maternity leave) is exactly what I needed to remember.  We are NEVER done working towards the healthiest version of US possible. Life will always get in the way and its how we handle the ups and downs that really showcase the HEALTHY lifestyle we live.  We must learn to love ourselves at every step.

I, even when sick, worked out 3-4 times a week the first trimester. And you know what, if I could not have because baby would not have allowed me….. That would have been ok! To all you moms who could not workout or who chose not to, it’s ok! And to those of you that did, you are awesome! There is no right or wrong way for any woman….. We all have to do what works for us.

I ate as clean as I could during the first weeks/months and you know what? I would have survived just fine on cereal or mac & cheese if that is all my body would have allowed.

Guess what? I drink coffee each morning and jumped on a trampoline while pregnant (with Dr. permission).   I ate dinner one night in the bath tub while I cried about how awful I felt that day.  I look in the mirror and see my body changing all over.  

And folks, this does not just go for pregnancy.  We can do this to ourselves at any point on our journey.  Change in job, adjusting to new neighborhood or home, schedule changes in the house, etc….. Anything can start to change our routine or healthy habits QUICKLY and it’s important to take a few seconds each day to remind ourselves how awesome we are for STICKING with it as best as we can and working hard to stay active and healthy. Maybe you are feeling called to be more involved at your current job, in your kids sports teams, or at church. Those all take more time away from working out and prepping meals.  I get it.  Keep fighting for your version of healthy.

My body is doing some amazing things right now.  I am so blessed to be carrying this little baby……  I still weigh less pregnant than I did years ago before I found clean eating and my healthy lifestyle.  I can still lift HEAVY at the gym, run, and swim.  I am beautifully made by God and just thankful for my health every day.  Thankful for people like Jordan who share their stories and struggles so I know I am not alone and its ok to not feel my “best” every-single-day, but to be happy and filled with Joy when I see myself in the mirror each day.

If you are going through something in your life that is holding you back from making ALL of the changes you want to make. It’s ok. I am here to tell you that you will find balance and routine soon. IN the meantime, don’t hate your body, or the situation. Just do your best to overcome it. Pick BETTER choices when it comes to snacks and dinner time.  Fit in 10-20 minutes of walking, squats, push-ups, whatever…… when you can.  Play with your kids, chase your dog around the house, or just simply take time to stop and smell the daisy’s after work. Take care of YOU no matter what is going on in your life and LOVE YOURSELF at every point along this journey. 

I am so grateful that I saw my foolish ways early on in this pregnancy and quickly snapped out of the mindset I was in.  I am now fully enjoying the growing belly, prenatal yoga, exhaustion, and soon…the baby’s movement.   I am eating my normal daily regimen again and working out 5x a week because that works well for me.  I am loving this journey full circle.

God Bless, Thank you for reading!
Kayla T

To Jordan, Enjoy this precious time with your little man and whole family.  You are an amazing inspiration, wife, and mother.

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