Saturday, December 19, 2015

4 Week Fat Blaster - Results

After ending the Kelsey Byers 12 week Skinny Jean Challenge, I took about a week 1/2 off from being hardcore and enjoied some yummy cheat meals and even slept in a few extra days. I still stayed on track about 75% of the time.

The Monday before Thanksgiving, I started her 4 week Fat Blaster program and today I did my last workout of the 4 weeks.

I measured, weighed and took pictures this morning. I lost exactly 11 pounds and dropped 7.75 inches total body. The before pictures below are from ending the 12 week Skinny Jean Challenge. You can purchase her programs HERE. She is putting a new one out on January 1st and I will be participating in that challenge... join me!!!

These photos are from August 19 to December 19th and I have been following the Kelsey Byers programs (you can buy them HERE, they each come with a gym plan, an at home plan and meal plans... I tweaked my meal plans though to fit my taste)

To top the day off, Casey went to the gym with me and let me train him!! Back and Biceps baby!!!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!


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