Monday, July 25, 2016

I am BACK!!

Yall, my back is being so annoying! I went to the chiropractor on Friday and she adjusted me really good. The right lower side of my back was so tight I could barley bend over without crying. I left feeling so much better and felt back on my game. Saturday morning I went back to the gym and did cardio. Saturday night, the left lower side of my back started acting up... seriously, get it together!!!

Sunday I was planning on going to the gym but since my back was hurting again I decided to rest up one more day. I stretched, did the heating pad, took some medicine, and tried to take it easy. Funny story, I was bending over nice and slow to get something for Dax and Casey was watching me. When I stood up, he said "At first I thought you were bending over slowly to be sexy for me but then I realized you were in pain..." HAHAHAHA!!!!

None the less, I am back in the gym this morning!!! Don't worry, I am taking it nice and slow, I have added a lot more stretching to my routine and I am not lifting as heavy as I was... but I am back and that is really what counts.

One of the things I missed most about being sick last week... breakfast! Most days I slept until lunch time so I missed my breakfast. The days I did wake up in time for breakfast I didn't feel good enough to eat anything so I would skip it or just have a juice instead. I was so excited leaving the gym today knowing that I was going to have a big bowl of egg whites and a torn up turkey burger. Sadly, I am trying to cut back on cheese the next few weeks or this would have had a serving of that to go along with it.

Cheese is my weakness. I am a RAT! I could eat a block of cheese by itself. Actually, I have before. HA! But, it does cause bloat and bloating is something I am trying to get rid of right now. Everything is okay in moderation, so I don't plan on cutting it all out all together but I need to cut back tremendously. My stomach is a huge problem area and over these next 5 weeks, I really want to see changes in my stomach so if that means passing on cheese here and there, I am willing to do just that.

Speaking of the next 5 weeks... Today starts week 6 out of 10 weeks of the Transform You challenge. The first half of the challenge was a struggle for me but I am really buckling down and making sure the 2nd half of the challenge I am on top of my game. The only obstacle I see right now is my birthday which falls on the start of week 9. We are going out on Friday August 19th to celebrate my birthday (and my one year of being back on track with my weight loss) so I am making that my cheat meal for the week and then Monday August 22th (my 31st birthday) I plan on having a slice of carrot cake... then I am staying 100% on track with eating until the challenge ends on August 28th!

Time to give it HELL!!!

Happy Monday!!


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