Thursday, July 21, 2016

Worn out

This blog will be short. Basically, I have been feeling like total crap the past few days. This is week 5 of the Transform You challenge and I was so excited to have a GREAT week. I woke up Monday morning in horrible pain. I had a migraine, my back hurt and I just wanted to go back to bed.

Tuesday I was determined to get back on track. I went to the gym and work and I over did it I think because Wednesday I felt even worse!!!

Today I woke up feeling better, took some iron supplements yesterday and I think those really helped. I decided to pass on the gym today but I am back to work. That's a plus.

My eating has been 50/50... 50% good & 50% bad. My water intake has been slipping since I have been sleeping most of the day. Today I am going to focus on my eating and water. Friday afternoon I have an appointment to have my back adjusted. Praying by Saturday I am back in my routine and back in the gym.

Every up has a down... this is mine right now!!!


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