Monday, June 11, 2012

1st day back at the gym

This morning I was SO excited to get back in the gym! Walking in there for the 1st time in almost 4-5 months, it felt so surreal. I changed as fast as I could and was so ready to get out there and workout. Every time before, I would get on the treadmill and run or get on the elliptical and really break a sweat, but I knew this time would be different and I prepared myself for that. I am glad I prepared myself because if I hadn't I would have probably given up after the 1st couple minutes on the bike. I am very slow at getting the pedals up to speed, but once I get going and get in my grove I am okay. Well in order to keep the bike turned on, you have to pedal a certain speed... I think the 1st minute or two, all I did was fight to speed up just to keep the bike from turning off. I was getting so annoyed! I felt like the lady next to me was looking at me thinking "what a freaking idiot, cant even figure out how to work a bike!".... Looking back now, it was kind of comical. Haha!

I did complete my 10 minutes of the bike and then decided to go finish all my PT exercise on a mat. I gathered all the equipment I would need and sat down and started doing my "workout". I was doing really well UNTIL these body builder guys sat next to me and started do their workouts and stretches. That same feeling I had from the lady on the bike, I now was getting it from them. There I was sitting with both legs straight in front of me just tightening my quad and releasing. All the while they are next to me lifting heavy weights, looking all buff and stuff.

Getting back on the machines to do upper body was a little bit better. There wasn't anyone around so I was able to do a refresher class and read all the directions on the machines so that I could do them properly. Man being out of the gym for this much time, you almost have to re-teach yourself everything. Then on top of re-teaching, I am having to learn new workouts that I can do without harming my knee. It was a challenge, but I did it.

I have to say, no matter what those people thought or what I thought they were thinking... I can careless. I went in there, did what I planned on doing plus some and left feeling great. I have to just keep reminding myself, this process is suppose to take time and I do not need to rush it because I do not ever want a knee replacement. So I will roll with the punches, take what life hands me and keep taking my butt back to the gym each day on lunch.

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  1. It was great to see you at the gym Jordy even though I almost knocked you out sneaking up on me lol. You look great, good luck and keep up the work. Let me know if you need a partner :) Love you!