Friday, May 24, 2013

Wedding Day Arms

Today I woke up early (on my day off) and headed to the gym with my sister! I am making a comeback people, since re-starting with Lo (my wonderful trainer) I have had this fire inside of me to really buckle down and focus 110% instead of the 85% I have been focused.
We ended up missing spin class so we decided to walk for 30 minutes... the treadmills have a program that is called virtual guide. It is where the treadmill will play you a movie of you walking in a fun city, today I walked in Italy. The program is filled with hills... I mean FILLED with hills. I was a hot and sweaty mess after all was said and done. We didn't stop there, we decided to do arms and back. My back is one of the 4 areas I am trying to focus on for my dress to zip up by July 28th.
I pulled up one of my favorite arm works out off Pinterest called Wedding Day Arms! You should try it out (picture is below). I ended up doing 3 rounds of this (skipping the push-ups because of my knee and the triceps dips because I over looked them on accident **wink wink***) and by the 3rd round, the weights were very heavy and I was ready for it to be over.... that is what I call a workout!

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