Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy June!

Happy Happy June! Can you believe it, June is already here... feels like just yesterday it was Christmas!

I wanted to share a fun website with my followers that I think you will really love, I know I do! http://www.mamalaughlin.com/ Just a warning, this lady is funny as hell and down to earth. Her blog (and instagram) is addicting. With everything she writes and post, she gives me that much more motivation to achieve the goals I have set for myself. Really, go check her out!

This week started my 2 days a week with Lo and my body already hates her (my heart loves her though). I am ready to see a change (again) in my body and I know Lo is the lady to help make that happen. Did you know that when you lift, you gain muscle which helps break down the fat you have in your body? Lifting is a GREAT thing and I encourage you do start lifting sooner than later. Yes skinny is good and all but being strong is so much better... at least in my opinion!

Casey update - Casey has not been working out but he has been eating my cooking (clean eating all the way baby) and he has dropped yet another size in his pants! This just goes to show that losing weight is 80% what you eat. He hasn't lost that much more on the scale but he has lost inches... this goes to show that the number on the scale does NOT mean anything! (I think I need to repeat that to myself daily)

I hope my lovely followers are doing great! Have a happy healthy day y'all...

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