Monday, June 10, 2013

Plans for this week

Last week was my 1st full week back training with Lo and it motivated me to set a really BIG goal for myself. I have decided that by my next weigh in with her (Tuesday June 18th) that I would lose 10 pounds! It is do able but I have to stay very focused and really keep my eye on the prize... I can do this!

This past weekend I really buckled down and stayed focused on my eating and on my working out and it really paid off. This morning I weighed in and I was the exact same as I was on Friday... yes, I would have liked a loss BUT staying the same is way better than the usual 5 pound gain I have every Monday morning. As of today, day 6 of 14 days of wanting to lose 10 pounds, I am down 3 pounds from what I last weighed with Lo. This week I have planned out all of my meals (like usual) and have my workouts scheduled. I may not hit 10 pounds lost but I am going to do everything in my power to get as close to that as I can!

Here is my plan for this week...

Breakfast - 1/2 cup of egg white beaters and 4 ounces of meat
Snack - 2 servings of fruit with a serving of nuts
Lunch - Wrap with turkey deli meat and veggies
Snack - Protein shake
Dinner - 4 ounces of meat with 2 servings of veggies

Monday -  AM - Elliptical for 30 minutes / PM - Walk for 30
Tuesday - AM - Train with Lo - weights / PM - Caleb's game
Wednesday - AM - Walk for 30 minutes / PM - Spin Class
Thursday - Train with Lo - weights / PM - Walk with my boys
Friday - AM - Row for 30 minutes / PM - Cats baseball game
Saturday - AM - Walk for 1 hour / PM - Hike with Casey and nieces
Sunday - REST

Make a plan for this week and stick to it, I promise you when you do... you will see results!

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