Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My answer to an email

One of my passions is to help people around me. I will give you the shirt off my back if you needed it. It is no different when it comes to my other passion, healthy living. I am always willing to stop and answer emails, text messages, phone calls, questions at the gym, etc. I feel like that is my calling and I want to use my story to help as many people as I can.

Recently, I was contacted by a girl I have been working with for advice on what to say when other people reach out to her for help. I am honored to not only help her but to teach her so that when this happens (and if she keeps up with her journey, it will keep happening) she is able to feel confident in helping those around her. Her email to me was basically someone who is struggling with more than just feeling fat, tired and unhealthy. This person is having dizziness, nausea feelings, anxiety, and extreme mood swings. They are thinking a change in their diet and life style all together will help out. The girl wants to make sure she steers her friend in the right direction and wants to know what to say or do.

My answer: 1st and foremost, you have to know that you can give all the information in the world to a person but you can NOT make that person change. If you are going to offer to help someone change their life you have to 1st accept that. The second thing I would say would be that, a change to your diet and life style is always the 1st place to start when you are feeling those kind of emotions run through you. Tell them your story, for example my story... I was depressed for a long time before I had my son. You probably would have never known it but I never really knew was it was like to love myself until I gave birth to that perfect little boy. That day I knew that I had to change, not only for myself but for him.

How to change: 1st start by eating the the right foods. Your body will start to change and the change will change your mood.... if that doesn't make sense to you, try it for a week then we will talk. When you start to incorporate working out, your body releases endorphins and your energy level will sky rocket. I sat here thinking for a few minutes if I have ever met anyone who workouts on a daily basis who is a depressed person... cant really think of anyone. Sure we have times we get down but for the big picture, people who workout are usually happier people. For the dizziness and nausea feelings, I say to drink more water... also eating cleaner foods will most likely help with these problems too.

I say to give it a month of change, 1 month... it isn't that long. If after a month of eating clean and working out doesn't change your life then go to the doctors.

Be the change you want to see!

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