Friday, June 21, 2013

June 22nd - The cake

On June 1st, I sat on the couch and told Casey to help hold me accountable this month. I told him that I planned on not cheating on my meal plans at all until June 22nd. Tomorrow we are hosting a co-ed baby shower BBQ at our house which means we will have burgers, chips, salsa, snacks, jalapeno poppers, and CAKE! My plan this month was that on the 22nd, I would have a shakeology drink and then have a small slice of cake and then get back on track.

I have not cheated for almost 3 weeks and I guess what they say is true, the longer you go without cheating, the less you want to cheat. This morning, I won mine and Mandy's weekday winner contest. I fit into a pair of jeans I haven't worn in a long time. I am 11 pounds from hitting my second of three goals I have set for myself. All that stuff makes me re-think cheating and eating that piece of cake tomorrow. Is it really worth it?  To me, I am thinking no... no its not worth it at all.

I know that one piece of cake wont make me fat or gain all my weight back... however, I am the type of person that once I start I can't stop. I know that if I eat that sugar, I will just want more and more and more. I have decided to just keep myself busy tomorrow by hosting, cleaning up, and taking care of everything going on and try not to think of the cake at all. The advantage is that I ordered a small cake so I can just make sure to cut the pieces big and there wont be any left to tempt me... and if there is, I will just send it home with the parents to be.

What are you giving up to get to where you want to be? What is more important to you, feeling good in your own body or having that drink or piece of food?

You can still enjoy yourself and have fun without having to stuff your face every weekend and erasing all your hard work from the week.

You just have to dig down deep and believe in yourself! I believe in you!

P.S. If you do need a cake, contact The Rolling Pin! Megan and Blake Springer are very talented and their cakes taste amazing.

The Rolling Pin

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