Thursday, June 20, 2013


Back in April, my Mom, my future Mother-in-law, my Aunt Dee and myself went dress shopping for my wedding dress. Before I went, a friend told me that wedding dresses run a size small. For example if the dress says its a size 12, it really is a size 10. I am glad I knew that going into the 1st appointment because I didn't feel to bad pulling a size bigger than I was. The 1st dress I tried on was a size 16, so a size 14 in real dress sizes... and it fit like a glove. Well, I didn't buy that one. The dress I ended up buying is a size 12, so really a size 10. You probably think I am crazy for buying a dress that wouldn't even zip up, right? Well, I knew I had time to lose the weight and I am a very motivated and determined person when I set my mind to do something, I do it.

Casey and I are getting married March 1, 2014, so in reality I have a little over 6-7 months to get the dress to fit to take my bridals and then have it perfect for the wedding. The lady at the store said that she could put a lace up back in place of the zipper if it doesn't fit by December... I do NOT want that!

So you know how I said I have 6-7 months... Well, that would be for a regular bride. I am no regular bride! Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of taking my bridal photos in a field of sunflowers (they remind me of my Gaga who passed when I was 11). Sunflowers in Texas bloom in the summer, therefore I have to get this dress to zip ASAP or my dream will not come true. Time to get to work.

I started training with Lo about a month ago and since being back with her, a fire has been lite under my a$$ to get this extra weight off and to get that damn dress to zip. I have been trying it on every Wednesday because once it zips and looks perfect, I am going to take my photos... the sooner the better.


Well, last night I tried on my dress... I was thinking it would zip a bit more than it had the week before but not much more. I slipped that sucker on and BAM... zipped it up!!!!! MY DRESS ZIPPED!!!! My size 12 (size 10 in real life) dress zipped up!!! All my hard work and clean eating the past month has finally started to pay off. IT ZIPPED!!!

I am going to give it another couple weeks to a month before taking my photos because it is still a little tight and it causes me to have butt crack back... worst thing ever! If you thought I was motivated before, you just wait and see what is in store. The dress zipping just kicked my butt up another notch and is making me wanna fight for it that much more.


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