Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Having a goal

I am the type of person that has to have a goal, if I don't have a goal then I do not push myself hard enough. The goal has to be something that is do-able but also very tough because I love a challenge. I weigh in with my trainer every 2 weeks and today was weigh day. Last time I weighed I told her I was going to make my goal to lose 10 pounds by today's weigh in. Setting my goal high like I did, caused me to not cheat for 2 weekends, do 2 a days at the gym when I could, meet with another trainer at my gym to help with accountability and really take a stricter look at my eating.

Today was weigh in... I was ready and eager to hit 10 pounds. Unfortunately, I did not hit my 10 pound goal. However, I lost 8.3 pounds and a total of 4.5 inches. I have to say, for 2 weeks that is pretty darn good right there!!!

My next goal for my next weigh in on 7/1 will be 6 pounds.

Here is how I am going to reach my next goal:
*Cardio every day
*Lift heavier weights
*Drink my water
*Get all my protein in
*I am not going to cheat at all - its not worth it
*Stay connected to my accountability partners
*And... I MIGHT log my food. I hate logging so that is why this is a MIGHT.

What are your goals? What are you going to do to reach them?

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