Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lets talk H20

If you are on your weight loss journey right now, I hope and pray you are drinking water! Water is a GREAT way to help with your weight loss... who would have ever guessed that! Do you know how much water you need to be drinking? (See formula below with example).

Now that summer is here, I want to really talk about H2O! Yes it is important to lose weight but it is also important to stay hydrated. If you are working out, running outside, walking outside, heck doing anything outside, please make sure you are drinking more water then you should on a daily basis. I have found myself drinking more and more water over the past week and it is due to me upping my workouts and due to the heat.

Talking about water sounds so silly to me because its something every adult should know to do... but I feel like its also one of the areas of weight loss that isn't talked about that much.


If you need to, carry around a gallon of water with you. Buy a cute sports bottle to use. Re-use water bottles. Ask for water when  you go out to eat. If you want a soda with dinner, that is okay but also ask for a thing of water so after you drink your soda you can easily switch to water before the waiter brings you a refill. Something I do is, down a 16 ounce glass of water before every meal and then I refill that 16 ounce glass with ice water and drink it throughout my meal. Drinking the water before my meal helps me get fuller faster and it also helps me reach my water intake a lot quicker.

I will admit, I suck at drinking my water on the weekends... At work I am on a schedule so its easier. I have started buying cute sport bottles and have them around every corner. We do not buy any other kind of liquid to drink besides skim milk, which helps me drink my water. And most recently, I have been going to Sonic and when I get my daily diet coke I have been ordering a medium diet coke and a route 44 water.

How much water should I drink?:
Your weight / 2 = ounces of water to intake on a daily basis
If I weighed 100 pounds, divide that by 2 and I should be drinking 50 ounces of water a day.

Remember to up your ounces now that it is summer and HOT outside!!!

Y'all have a healthy happy day!

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