Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A killer workout

Have you been looking for a killer workout you can do at home? Well today is your LUCKY day!!! I was finishing up at Lo's today and then she said... "Oh wait, one more thing"... I hate when she says that. Ha!

I call this workout, swimming on dry land! Here is what you do...

1. Lay down on the floor on your stomach (don't you wish it stopped right there? You will wish that in a minute).

2. Start with your upper body 1st. You will move your arms like you are doing a breast stroke in the pool. When your arms start to go out, make sure you pop up your chest... like you would if you were actually swimming. Do this for 30 seconds.

3. Now kick your feet in a flutter movement (without the arms thank God) for 30 seconds.

4. Here is the worst part of it all... Combine both moves and do this for 30 seconds.

5. Wait, I lied... this is the worst part of it all... REPEAT!!!

I was a hot sweaty mess after this. It could have been the tears I was crying begging Lo to stop but I am going to stick with saying it was sweat. My arms and back are sore and it hasn't even been 5 hours.


Now... get off your butt and try it!!!

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