Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekend Winner

The weekends are the HARDEST part of losing weight for me. I am thrown off my daily schedule, I tend to eat to much and I slack at the gym. Well, come to find out I am not the only one who has this problem! I have teamed up with my gorgeous friend Mandy and we have decided to finally kick the weekends a$$ instead of letting it always kick ours!

We started a fun little competition between the 2 of us called Weekday Winner and decided that we needed to do a Weekend Winner too! Here are the rules...

Weekday Winner:
1. Send the other person a picture of you on the scale each morning - hold you accountable
2. Throughout the day send text or pictures of what you are doing for workouts and what you are eating
3. Keep it uplifting... with some trash talking
4. On Monday set a goal of where you want to be on Friday. The 1st person to reach their goal wins as long as they do not have a gain the rest of the week.

Weekend Winner:
1. Repeat 1, 2 and 3 from Weekday Winner.
2. Use Friday's weight and on Monday, whoever loses the most body % fat wins the weekend!

Bragging rights
$1 prize for each Weekday Winner and Weekend Winner!!!

We started this past Monday and had our 1st Weekday Winner this morning... it was Mandy! She hit her goal yesterday and then lost another 0.2 today. I hit my goal this morning and lost an extra 0.8! She finished out the week with a whopping 8 pound loss and I ended it with a 6.6 pound loss... now to keep it off through the weekend!!!

Mandy, you ready to be beaten by me in the Weekend Winner?!

Sometimes losing weight is hard and it sucks, try and make it fun and have a friend join you!!! Remember, its just life so stop taking everything so seriously.... no one makes it out alive! Lol!!

Have a happy Friday and a healthy weekend!!

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