Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I have given up

I am asked a lot about what kinds of foods (and drinks) I have given up in my weight loss journey, well today is your lucky day... Below is a list of everything I have given up!

But 1st, a little story...

Once upon a time, many many years ago, lived a single struggling mom (not me) who was a proud mother of 4 kids (see told you it wasn't me, I only have 1). This mom was on a very tight budget and had to watch every penny spent at the grocery store. She stuck to her grocery list and brought store brand items. Sometimes she did not even have enough money to buy all her items on the list. Well this one particular day she decided to take her 2nd daughter the grocery store (hint, I am a second child). As the mother shopped and put items in the basket, she failed to pay attention to what her daughter was doing in the back of the basket. The sweet, innocent, pretty, amazing, beautiful, funny, witty (what a coincidence, I am all those things too) child had picked up the block of cheese her mother put in the basket, opened the block of cheese and proceeded to eat the entire block of cheese without getting caught red handed. That is until the mother started unloading the items for the cashier... in order to buy another block of cheese for her family, the mother had to put another item she had up.

Now onto the things I have given up!

1. Cheese! This is a hard one for my family to believe since I am known as the rat. But, it is true. I have given up cheese about 90% of the time. I do not buy cheese for my house, not even for the boys. When I go out, I usually ask for no cheese. Its not that cheese is super bad for you, if you pick the right kinds it is okay. The sodium is high in most cheese, so watch for that. The reason I have given it up is because it is a food that when I start, I can't stop. I literally can eat a whole block of cheese without anyone knowing. Ask my mom!

2. Any foods that are processed. I have given up on buying anything that lives in my freezer or my pantry. This makes our pantry look like we are poor, but honestly I don't care. I know that I have healthy foods stocked in my fridge and I know I have all my meals planned out to last through the week. My motto is, if it last longer than 7 days, we don't eat it.

3. 90% of all carbs. If I do eat carbs, they are good carbs... example: whole wheat bread, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. Once you start living your life without carbs and then you eat some, you feel so stuffed and bloated that it makes you not want to eat them again.

4. Fast foods - I can't tell you the last time I went to a fast food place and ordered me something to eat. I will take Caleb and let him order something if we are in a hurry, but it is very rare. He either eats what we are eating or he doesn't eat at all.

5. Drinking (beer, liquor, wine, etc.). I hardly ever drink and one of the reasons is because I rather eat my calories then drink them. I am a sweet eater so if I am going to blow it, I wanna get chocolate wasted!!

6. Sweets! Another thing that is shocking for people to hear. I have given up sweets about 85% of the time. I do love my occasional sweet treat but I know I cant eat it all the time.

Something to remember - 1 bad meal wont make you fat, just like 1 good meal wont make you skinny! The same thing goes for working out.... 1 skipped gym session wont make you fat, just like 1 freaking awesome gym session wont make you skinny!

I hope you all have a healthy happy day!

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