Thursday, May 15, 2014

I am a cheater

Saturday is my weigh in day but I cheated and weighed today... oops!!!

I have been doing so well this week and I feel less bloated too. I did miss the gym yesterday but I ended up getting a home "workout" in by picking up around the house more than I usually do... kinda a deep cleaning if you will. I felt great and was full of energy.

So back to this morning... I have lost 2 pounds this week. Which is GREAT but not my goal I had set and there is no way possible (unless I cut off a boob or something... hmmm, jk) that I will make it to my goal by Saturday.
The way I see it, I am on the right track and I am getting there slowly but surely. I am learning how to maintain and slowly loose without being balls to the walls hardcore and still enjoying little "cheats" here are there.

Am I bigger than I would like to be, well duh...
Am I happy with my life, YES
Am I beating myself up over my weight, not as much as I use to do...

Finding a balance in life is what I think this journey is all about and I am slowly learning that. In the midst of learning, I have gained and lost, lost and gained, but I am still here kicking and pushing forward.

At the end of the day you have to figure out what your journey is all about for yourself and figure out if where you are in life is making you happy or not.

Who knows, maybe after we have a baby I will get a wild hair up my butt and go balls to the walls hardcore again and compete in a fitness competition one day... but for now, I am going to love my life and love my body!!!

It is all about progress NOT perfection!!!


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