Friday, May 9, 2014

Oh Poop!

Hey y'all, sorry I have been so quiet the past couple days but if you read my last blog post, you kinda know why. Dealing with some "medical" stuff and trying to find balance in life can be a struggle sometimes... but I am slowly getting there!!!

I do have to report, that since starting my medicine the doctor put me on, I have been living a normal life (in the bathroom) and it is heaven!!! Never thought I would say that being able to pooh is heaven, but it really is!!!

I have been staying off the scale because I am really trying to not focus on my weight and instead focus on being happy and living life. I have gained some weight back since the wedding and there are no excuses, just I dont want to be hardcore right now. I would like to get back down to where I was, but right now I am enjoying not always being at the gym and not always saying no to going out to eat and having a dessert here and there.

Oh and the diet coke saga... well Casey quit dipping and so I said that I would quit diet coke for 2 weeks to support him. Well I am a weak wife and I caved. I had a diet coke yesterday and it was glorious. I called and told him and he just laughed and said "Hell, I am just amazed you made it 5 days..." So there you have it, he had no faith in me! Haha!! He has not dipped in almost a week, tomorrow will be a week to be exact!!! I am so proud of him...

Now let me save you the trouble... I know diet coke is bad. I know diet coke has aspartame in it. I know all the "bad" facts about it... however, I also know that when I have a sweet craving I usually fill it with diet coke instead of a cake. The 5 days I didnt drink diet coke, I had more sweets then I have had in a long time. For me, drinking a diet coke to fill my sweet tooth is a LOT better than eating a whole damn cake and/or (more like and because I could do both) having 5 ice cream cones! So yes, I know it is bad so you dont have to preach at me please and thank you. Oh and one last thing, you should never preach at anyone... I am sure you are not living your life perfect so dont tell them they have to live their life that way.

Someone once preached at me for drinking diet coke while she lite up her cigerette and had a beer in her cup... hmmm yeah... not happening!

Okay, I am getting off my soap box now. Ha!

I want to wish all of you mommas out there a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I hope you all stop and try to see how your children see you instead of being so hard on yourself... if you cant do it all the time, just try it for this weekend! I am going to... My mission, not to call myself fat once this weekend! I am not fat, I am Jordan, I am Caleb's wonderful momma who he loves no matter how much I weigh!!!

I wanna leave you with a couple photos of my Momma and me when I was little! I love you old lady and I am thankful you are the mom God picked out for me... even if you are a little bit crazy!!!

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Love this! One of the best posts yet :)