Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fat Guy in a Little Coat

Y’all ready to laugh? (I am about to tell you a story and PLEASE do not feel sorry for me or anything, I am totally not scared from this experience… actually it has given me a drive to change the story for the better).

Okay so a couple years ago, back in my bigger days, I decided to be all girly and buy me a bunch of new clothes.
I had always seen the cute girls from school, work, at the mall or wherever, wearing these cute little jackets with their dresses and I decided to finally jump on board… because I wore dresses a lot. I hated wearing pants because nothing ever fit and I always had muffin top, but that is beside the point.
Okay so while shopping I found this ADORABLE jacket, it was totally something that I could picture my sister wearing (that’s how I knew it was cute)!
I was SUPER excited to wear it. I waited for the perfect time and place and then I ripped those tags off and went out with my girlfriends for a fun night on the town.
A couple hours into the night, I went to hug a friend and heard a RIPPPPPPPPP noise…


Not just a little rip, it was a HUGE rip all the way down the back of my jacket!!!

I laughed it off and said “It’s because I am so muscular…”

SUCH A LIAR!!!!! Heck I didn’t go to the gym; I mean I might have drove past it on my way to get some fast food but never actually inside or anything.

I haven’t worn a cute jacket since that day.

Right before my knee surgery, I ended up buying another new cute jacket for myself (it was on clearance and I couldn’t pass it up.) It hung in my closet and collected dust. At the time I bought it, it was still a little tight on my back and my arms but I knew I could wear it one day…  

Fast forward almost a year or so later, I decided to try it on this morning, not because I wanted to wear it out but because I wanted to see if it would even fit. I put that sucker on and guess what… it FIT!!! Not only did it fit, but it passed the hug test too!!! I hugged Casey and even played around with Caleb… all at 5:30 am this morning! I am sure both of my boys thought I had lost it. I was so thrilled that I changed my outfit I had already picked out just so I could wear the jacket today.

Now I am VERY happy that I can finally mark ‘Fat Guy in a Little Coat’ off my list of crap I hated about being fat!

Hope you all are having a happy healthy Thursday!
Fit by Jordan

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