Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 2 Phase 1 - LiveFit

Yesterday started week 2 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program (google it). I want to tell you a few things I have noticed for myself and share with you my thoughts on the program so far…

I love how she has the meal plans broken out. They are very easy to follow and my prep time hasn’t been as long as it usually is. I think mainly because I am eating more repetitively then I normally do. The only thing I think I am getting tired of is eggs… I have been sticking to eating my eggs in the morning BUT I cannot make myself eat another 5 eggs at night… Instead I have been having a protein shake.

I have to say, I do miss cardio. I feel so naked going in to the gym, lifting and leaving. I feel like I am missing steps without doing a warm up and a HIIT cardio workout after my weights are done. I know that there is a method to Jamie’s “madness”, so I am going to just stick it out for the rest of phase 1 and have comfort knowing that I can start cardio back up in Phase 2. I mean, it’s almost October 7th, right?!

I do love this program so far, however I feel like the work I have done so far is kind of easier than expected. Maybe it’s because I have been lifting now for a while and I am use to doing a lot more in one workout. Who knows? All I know is that I am going to trust this process and do the work she puts in front of me each day and I will take a rest day when she schedules it (even if I don’t feel like I need it).

So far, I give this program 2 thumbs up and would recommend it to anyone who is seriously ready to build muscle and shed some fat. This is a program you have to stay dedicated to and allow no excuses to get in the way… Heck I even stayed on track on vacation! I am looking forward to finishing out Phase 1, taking my Phase 2 start pictures and sharing the comparison photos. Time to give Day 2 of Week 2 some hell… I am going to leave it all at the gym!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy day!
Fit by Jordan


  1. When I was eating like I was training I actually fell off the wagon bc of eggs.. hahah no lie, every time I would take a bite of eggs I would literally gag and I got to the point I just couldnt do it anymore. I am back on track now with clean eating and my fit pal :) Keep it up lady! looking greatness!

  2. Crystal, I am the same way right now! I had to start adding mustard to them or make an egg sandwich with whole wheat toast. I think I might change up my protein next week for breakfast and hopefully that will help! Glad to know I am not the only one who was gagging!!!