Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Back to Boot Camp

My 1st workout back at 5:30 am boot camp was a GREAT one!!! Here is what we did…

Ran/Jogged up and down a hill (about 1/8th of a mile)
25 Hammer Curls with 8 pound weights
10 Leg Lifts with a ball between our feet
10 Leg Lifts passing the ball back and forth between your legs and arms
10 Reverse Crunches with ball between knees
24 Walking Lunges while doing Bicep Curls (I did Walking Squats instead)
REPEAT 4 times through!!!

Afterwards, we finished up with this:

25 One Legged Hops (25 on each leg)
25 Roll Outs (Lay on your back, put  your heels on a ball, lift your hips up and roll the ball back and forth)
25 Booty Lifts (feet staying on the ball)
25 Jumping Plank Jacks (on elbows)
25 Mountain Climbers

The only part I really didnt like of being back at boot camp was having to see my trainers disappointing face when I weighed and measured... It wasnt pretty (compared to where I was the start of Feb) but it is what it is and I am back now. I can promise you this, come the start of May I will be back to where I was if not even better... March was a hard month and very hectic but it is over now and I am back to my routine!!

It was a great workout for sure!!! And now I am headed back to the gym on my lunch break to burn a few more calories with a couple booty and belly exercises.

I hope you are all having a happy & healthy Tuesday!!!!


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  1. Boot camp has got to be the hardest yet the most fulfilling program to join in! The routines are definitely well prepared! Good luck on your exercises and have a healthy April!

    Ari @ InFighting