Thursday, April 10, 2014

Making a plan "Easter" weekend

Is Thursday to early to start dreaming of the weekend? Actually I have been dreaming of the weekend since Monday so... Since it is TBT and I am talking about Easter today, here are a few of my favorite photos from Caleb's 1st Easter!!!

This weekend we are celebreating Easter with our little man (he will be at his Dad's house Easter weekend) and so I have to plan ahead if I am going to stick to my LiveFit program.

The 1st week of LiveFit, there are 3 rest days. Well, I am not a newby to this program or to working out and I really dont need 3 rest days so I am going to just rest on Sunday and keep on trucking. Plus if I rest now, I am scared I will fall off the band wagon and "hate" myself later for it.

My Plan:
Today - LiveFit Phase 1 Day 3 (Legs & Calves)
Friday - AM boot camp has been cancelled, my trainer is sick (boo) so I am going to do LF P1D4 (Shoulders & Abs) in the morning before work
Saturday - Easter with Caleb & the family followed by LF P1D8 (Chest & Triceps) at the gym that afternoon.
Sunday - I will rest LF P1D5,6 & 7
Monday - AM Boot Camp & LF P1D9 (Back & Biceps) on lunch

So basically I am just not resting as many days as the program has listed out but I am still doing the workouts in the order they are listed.

As for Easter candy that Caleb gets on Saturday... Y'all remember the Switch Witch that paid him a visit for Halloween ( Well, we are going to have the Funny Bunny pay him a visit on Saturday night. The concept is that he can save 5-10 pieces of candy to eat and the rest will need to be left out over night for the Funny Bunny to pick up while he sleeps. When he wakes up, the candy is gone and the Funny Bunny leaves him a toy in place of the candy.

I am doing this for him and for me... he doesnt need all that sugar and I dont either. We will send all the Funny Bunny candy to the security guards at mine and Casey's work (they love it). Why torture myself with having all that candy in the house? Just doesnt make sense to me... and before you ask why I buy it in the 1st place, I dont!!! His Easter Basket is filled with everything except candy. He will get candy when we go to the Easter egg hunt this weekend and that is the candy the Funny Bunny will pick up. Plus my kid is use to not having sweets in the house so its really not a huge deal for him.

Funny story, for Halloween he picked 5 pieces of candy and one of those were a sucker. Well, he kept that sucker for about 4 months before he ended up just throwing it away. He just doesnt care about candy, which is a GREAT thing for this momma!!!

Well I hope you all have a happy & healthy Thursday!!!


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