Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dang Kid!

So if you follow me on Facebook, you know that yesterday I didnt wanna go to the gym... BUT... my 4 year old called me out and I ended up going!!!

My son is going to his Dad's the weekend of Easter so we are celebrating Easter this weekend. That means, the Easter Bunny has to prepare and lunch time is the only time to prepare without little eyes watching. Lunch time on Tuesdays and Thursdays is usually the time I go to the gym, well yesterday (Tuesday) I went to Hobby Lobby instead. Hobby Lobby on lunch = no gym on lunch. Oops!!!

Funny thing about the gym, it is attached to my son's school. As I walk by the gym, I walk by his classroom window and he sees me and waves... it is something we both enjoy! It is GREAT accountability. Well, yesterday he didnt see me.  When I walked in the doors to pick him up, his class was headed to the playground and he yelled "Mom why didnt you workout today, do you not care if you get fat?"

Fast forward 3 minutes, I am walking back in the door with my gym back (while he is playing on the playground with his class) to go workout. Way to go Caleb for calling me out!!!!

Well, this morning was boot camp (shoulders and cardio) and then I had some personal things to do over lunch and I still need to go back to the gym for LiveFit Phase 1 Day 2 (back and biceps). I talked to Caleb this morning and told him I wouldnt be by at lunch time but for him to remind me this afternoon that I need to go to the gym. He is pretty good at not forgetting so hopefully having a 4 year old remind me, will help make me go!

It is such a struggle to go workout after working all day. I love my morning and lunch time workouts... they are my fave!

Make sure you have an accountability partner... even if they are 4 years old!!!


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