Friday, August 1, 2014

July is FINALLY over

July was one of the LONGEST months of my entire life... seriously!

And now, I am SO very thankful that it is FINALLY O-V-E-R!!!!

For the past couple days I have been telling Casey that "come August 1st, I am going to have a fresh start." Then a girlfriend on IG used the hashtag #freshstartfriday... I love it!

Today is my fresh start Friday. My fresh start month. My fresh start... period!!!

Not just with my weight loss, but with everything in my life. I have struggled majorly bad with my weight the past couple months due to my pregnancy and now with my miscarriage. I am waiting for my body to get back on track and I am starting to feel like myself again. My cravings for sweets are all gone and I am able to eat chicken and veggies again without wanting to throw up.

Casey and I bought the 21 day fix and it was delivered today... what a coincidence! We are both very excited to both get back on track and start eating healthier again. I have never been an at home workout kind of person but I think until I am comfortable with my body again, at home workouts are going to be perfect for me. I feel so embarrassed when I go to the gym now, my clothes that were baggy and falling off are now tight and uncomfortable. I will get back to where I was, just will take time. I am looking forward to the 21 day fix... have you ever done the program?

I have been dealing some with depression the past couple weeks, which is very common after a miscarriage. I have taken steps and have been talking with people. I have dealt with depression before and I do not want to struggle with that again. I am a stronger person this time around and I will not let it consume me.  If you deal with depression, I encourage you to seek help. If you can't afford help, turn to your church. Many Pastor's will talk to you free of charge and can even point you in the perfect direction for you. That is where I started this time around...

Oh a good note, my miscarriage appointments are over and my body no longer thinks that it is pregnant (my HCG levels are back down to 0). The doctor said everything looks great and that after my body decides to have a cycle (could be another 4-6 weeks) that we could start trying to have another baby then. That would mean the earliest we would know if we are pregnant again would probably be October. Casey and I both decided (for now) to delete all the tracking apps from my phone and to just let God be in control. We both want a baby and we know God will bless us in his time.

Thank you all for your love and support, it means the world to me!! I can't wait to start the 21 day fix and show you all my results!  I am taking my "before" photos and measurements tonight and starting the program tomorrow... that means that I will finish the last day of the 21 days on my 29th birthday (August 22nd)... Here is to giving it hell and losing that 10 pounds I wanted to lose before my birthday.

August is my fresh start!!!

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